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Formed in 1916, Giant Battery produces a full line of Industrial Forklift, Locomotive and Solar Batteries & chargers for the most demanding applications. With battery production centrally based in Illinois, and an average build time of just three to five days, we are usually able to deliver new batteries and chargers in as little as five to seven days. This approach has allowed us to reduce operating & inventory overhead, and the ability to offer greater production flexibility and extremely competitive pricing to customers throughout the US, Canada and Mexico.


Since the internet boom of the mid to late 1990’s, our industrial battery web sales have increased annually, and are now exceed our traditional in person sales.



Industrial Batteries - Since 1916



CEO Message:


“The overriding message of this document - our first Corporate Responsibility Report - is that at Giant Battery Co., we've always believed that our business has many responsibilities. They begin, of course, with our dedication to every client's success and to ensuring that our shareholders profit from their investment and confidence in our company. But they extend equally to our relationships to our employees and to our commitment to use our technologies, expertise and influence to solve meaningful problems in business and society. We prepared this report to help you better understand both our business, and our beliefs.”



Regional Call Centers:


Our Regional Call Centers allow us to answer nearly every call live, 24/7, with a knowledgeable sales person who is ready to help you with your needs. Work schedules are tailored to ensure adequate staff levels to handle peak and off peak calling hours, as well as weekends and holidays. It also gives us the necessary redundancy to seamlessly shift calls in the event of problems beyond our control, such as extreme weather, power or phone outages, extremely high call volume, etc. Only .05% of all calls result in need to leave a voice message.


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   Atlantic Regional Sales, New York NY        


   Central Regional Sales, Chicago IL     


Western Regional Sales, Los Angeles CA


Corporate Responsibility Report

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2006 Corporate Responsibility Report

PDF download

Full Report: PDF (5,091 KB)

Introduction: PDF (1,272 KB)

CEO letter: PDF (212 KB)

Our company; Giant Battery's business and extended relationships: PDF (913 KB)

Our people: The contemporary employment relationship: PDF (996 KB)

Our world: The commitment to a sustainable planet: PDF (2,758 KB)



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